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A crazy, loveable and fun loving bunch!

Tell us a little about your background and why you joined EE?

I joined EE back in February 2014. I’d previously been working in a job that I didn’t enjoy for minimum wage with little to no benefits, and I wanted to work somewhere with more career opportunities and better benefits which is when I came across EE. I’m naturally quite a bubbly person and boy do I love a chat! I already knew people who worked here and was told so many good things, so I thought this would be a great option for me. Here I am, 4 and a half years later and I’ve progressed so far from where I was and can’t get enough!

A Collections Advisor has a tough job right? What support do you get from EE?

Surprisingly, it’s not as tough as you would think! I get the opportunity to help people in all sorts of situations, I’m not a debt collector like many people would think. I get fantastic support from my managerial team and my Operations Managers, I also get fantastic support from my colleagues. No question is a stupid question, everyone is approachable in any situation and I’m never left in a position where I don’t know what to do.

What was one of the things that you were surprised to learn on the job?

I was mostly surprised about the people I get to speak to every day, they are people who want to speak to me, and they want to have an honest conversation about their situation to get to the right outcome. I learned that it’s not all about chasing bills and paying balances, it’s about helping people get to the perfect solution whilst also having a great chat at the same time! 

What would you say to someone who’s considering joining the Collections Representative team at EE?

I would definitely say it would be the best move you could make. You’d be working for a fantastic company with great benefits, whilst also joining a team of people who love to work hard and play hard. We are like a family, as cheesy as that sounds! You’ll make friends for life whilst also having the opportunity to progress in your career in ways you would have never thought possible. We are a crazy, loveable and fun loving bunch!

Georgia is EE. Are you? 

If you’re interested in a role as a Collections Representative, please visit: https://bit.ly/2E5PuVm 


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