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Supply Chain Superstar

What is your role at EE and what does this involve?

I’m a Senior Supply Planner in Supply Chain. I manage the Supply Chain relationships with our suppliers and decide how much product we should purchase. We also analyse the sales forecasts and report on working capital and cash flow. 

What do you enjoy most about EE?

The opportunity to progress! Hard work is recognised and my managers have always been really supportive in helping me move up in my career. I initially joined EE as a part time sales advisor as it allowed me to be flexible and work around my college schedule. Working at EE also offers an amount of scalability, you can start off really small and then there are so many different places you can go and progress to. 

There are also some pretty great perks available to us, we have a sabbatical programme and I actually just took a year off to travel the world which was an amazing experience!

What one thing have you been proud of since you first started your job at EE?

I’m most proud of EE’s involvement in the community – such as the external initiatives like the Techy Tea Parties – where we close a store from selling one morning, and any member of the public can bring their tech (whether it be phones, laptops, or iPads, etc), and we’ll sit down and run them through whatever they need to do. There are also opportunities to get involved with internal initiatives like the BT Group LGBT+ Network - I actually marched with them in London Pride in 2017!

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about joining EE?

GO FOR IT! It’s a great place to work with amazing people and lots of opportunities! As I’ve said, I started eight years ago as a twenty hour part-time sales advisor in store and then did a six-month secondment in retail operations, which eventually turned permanent. From there I joined Supply Chain and two and a bit years ago I was promoted to Senior Supply Planner. I’ve been able to work and get involved with teams all over the business. If you’re willing to put the time and effort in, EE will pick you up and run with you! 

Jack Loomes
Senior Supply Planner
Supply Chain


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