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Sales is all cold-calling and targets, right? Wrong. At EE, our sales teams are all about customer experience. We want to be #1 for service and that means hiring resilient, people-pleasers to help us achieve our goals. The sales team at North Tyneside work together to make sure our customers get the very best of EE and always leave happy. Not sold? Let our very own Alex and Lana talk you through what a career in sales really looks like.

Hi, guys! Firstly, please tell us a bit about your background and your role in the Sales team?

Alex: I joined EE five years ago as part of the Customer Service Apprenticeship Scheme. I was studying English at University, but I realised that learning on the job suited me much better and left university to join EE. 

During my apprenticeship, I learnt a lot about how to sell and how to provide good customer service. Then, once I had completed the scheme, I got the opportunity to join EE as a permanent Sales Advisor and moved to Derby for six months to train 400 people. The experience really improved my coaching skills and helped me to secure my role as Team Leader, where I now look after 15 people. 

Lana: I worked in the hospitality industry looking after restaurants, but I wanted a new challenge when my children went into full-time education. 

I joined EE in Customer Service but a year later joined the Campaigns team where I now retain customers and complete upgrades. There is so much flexibility to move around in EE and the team made the whole process feel really simple and tailored to my strengths.  

You have to be a really competitive person to work in Sales, right?

Alex: I’m not at all competitive and didn’t have any prior sales experience before I joined EE. When I joined, I was taught everything I needed to know, including how to match customers with products that suit their needs. For me, learning to provide first-class customer service first made the transition into Sales really easy. 

Lana: At EE, your team targets matter just as much as your individual targets. Personally, I can be incredibly competitive with myself, but I know my team are always there to support me.  There are lots of rewards for hitting team targets and there are also three different tiers of individual targets, so you always feel like you’re working toward something! 

You probably don’t get much support, right? And I guess there aren’t many development opportunities?

Alex: EE is honestly one of the most supportive environments to work in. They’re always pushing us forward and encouraging us to progress. I’m pursuing a career in Marketing long-term and my manager and EE have let me dedicate 3-4 hours a week to my university degree in Marketing.

Before joining EE I was a very introverted person, but I now have the confidence I need to pursue my career goals. The whole experience has been very personalised and has made me feel that I’m worth investing in. I hope I can help others to feel confident enough to pursue their own career aspirations. 

Lana: EE is a genuinely supportive place to work. If you’re ambitious there is always room to progress, but alternatively, EE are also happy to support you in developing skills like confidence or leadership. My manager, team and colleagues are always helping me learn. Through 1:2:1 coaching sessions or floor walking exercises I get to see how the different parts of the business interact. They also understand I need flexibility, allowing me to build a successful career and be there for my children. 

Since joining, I’ve also been recognised as one of the Top 100 Sales Advisors in my area and received two Best Nominations because I’ve gone above and beyond in my role. It’s an extremely motivating feeling knowing that you have the support of your company and your team. It makes me proud to work where I do. 

What would you say to someone who’s considering joining the EE Sales team?

Alex: Grab this opportunity with both hands! I initially saw this job as a stop gap but it’s honestly the best thing I’ve ever done. EE look at your potential and not just your experience, so if you’re ambitious and work hard you’ll go a long way.

Lana: Ignore the misconceptions about Sales! Everything we do here at EE is achievable and you will be supported every step of the way. So why not give it a go - you’ll never know until you try!

We’re currently looking for more passionate sales people to join our friendly team in North Tyneside. Think you’ve got what it takes? Then don’t talk yourself out of applying – get in touch and let’s get to know each other. Head over to now to find out more and apply.




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