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Welcome to We are EE – the place where you can see exactly what’s been going on in EE stores, offices and buildings across the country. This is your area, so don’t be afraid to join in.

Andrew Milne, a second-year graduate, on what he enjoys most about working at EE

13 Apr 2015

"The business changes so quickly, so you need to be comfortable with that and able to manage it", says Andrew Milne, 4GEE WiFi In-Life & Retentions graduate.

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Ruth Lister on working at EE

10 Apr 2015

Front Line Apprenticeship Trainee, Ruth Lister has been with EE for 16 years. Find out more what she loves about the job.

Business Graduate Henry Green on working at EE

09 Apr 2015

Henry Green is a Business Graduate in our Paddington offices. He joined us seven months ago and he really enjoys working in a team.
Find out more about what he enjoys in his current role.

What do you think can be done to bring all businesses to the 21st century?

08 Apr 2015

According to a Deloitte research, organisations in the UK are reluctant to embrace mobile technology.

41% of respondents saw the mobile devices provided by their employer as outdated.

Alex Bartlett, Digital Media Executive on working at EE

07 Apr 2015

"Everyone is really friendly at EE and works hard to make you feel like you are part of the team from day one", says Alex Bartlett, Digital Media Executive.

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4G at the Wembley Stadium

06 Apr 2015

We've kicked off trials for the Europe's fastest 4G speeds at Wembley Stadium.

"Trials like these at Wembley Stadium allow us to ensure EE customers continue to get the very best experiences from their mobile network now and in the future," said EE CTO Floris Karonis.

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Why join us?

03 Apr 2015

"At EE, people are quite enthusiastic about their work and what they do. This is a positive environment to be in", says Bristol-based Procurement Supplier Chain Graduate Seona Alexander.

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What's your biggest time waster?

02 Apr 2015

Did you know that office workers lose up to 2.5 hours/week seeking good signal?

UK businesses are losing nearly £33 million a week this way. A survey found that 61% of employees spend an hour or more looking for a better signal.

Mobile News Awards

01 Apr 2015

We've been awarded the Best Network at the Mobile News Awards Manager's Choice. And that's not all, our 'Cash on Tap' contactless payment service received the accolade for the Most Innovative Service.

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