Contact Centre: Collections

Guide us through those Trickier situations

Good at providing an empathetic ear? Our Collections team relies on people like you.

We pride ourselves on being sensitive to customer debt. So, you’ll work to resolve any issues by helping us understand each situation, so we can figure out the best repayment plan for everyone involved.

All we need is you

We like to make things easy. We provide you with all the training you need to succeed at EE, so there’s no previous experience required.

The only thing we ask? That you’re ready to bring all of your energy and enthusiasm to get stuck in. If you can do that, you’ll feel right at home. 


Tip-top training

Digital training. System simulations. On-call learning supported by an experienced advisor. Whatever you need, we’ll get it sorted.

Our blended training approach has been developed to get you up to speed and flying solo in no time.


Ready for the next step?

From here, you could become a Team Leader. However, we know that career paths aren’t always straight lines.

At EE, your future is whatever you want it to be. So, if you’re keen to try out another area, you only have to ask. We can help make that happen too.


Whether you have a zest for travel or like to keep on top of your personal health, we have lots of flexible benefits for you to choose from.

Check out all the great rewards on offer at EE.
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Our Stories

It takes all sorts of people to make it at EE – and it’s that unique blend that makes us special. But don’t just take our word for it: meet our team – and find out what makes them EE – by scrolling through the videos below.


A friendly face, a helping hand, a supportive shoulder: John’s EE. A natural problem-solver, he is always there when you need him, and knows just what to say whenever you’re in a fix.


Georgia knows how to make an entrance. If you didn’t see her coming with her unicorn hair, you’ll feel the magic as she enters the room. Greeting everyone with a friendly hello, she’s EE, and she knows the importance of keeping our customers happy.


Sometimes all you need is a good listener and that’s where Claire comes in. With a knack for Pilates and putting people at ease, she’s EE. Claire cares about her customers and colleagues alike and is always there to offer a helping hand.