We work so they can say hello every morning and I love you every night.

Now more than ever, it’s important that our customers feel connected to one another; this is why they need us

Our teams are helping to keep the country talking, sharing, learning and playing, by keeping them connected. We’ve helped 80 year olds feel tech-savy with their first smartphone. We’ve helped 6 year olds feel like the smartest kid in the virtual classroom. And the calls keep coming. We’re continuing to recruit into our contact centre teams because our customers need us. We want to keep giving them a customer experience like no other.

Like most companies, we’ve had to adapt how we work.

We’re doing everything we can to keep our people safe. So we’ve changed our recruitment process, how people can join us and get their training, and how and where our advisors can work. 


We work so Gemma can land a new job with confidence.

We’ve made changes to our recruitment processes so we can make sure our candidates, recruiters and managers feel safe. If you’re feeling uncertain about whether joining us is the right step, our recruiters are here to speak to if you’ve got any burning questions. Plus, we’ve introduced virtual interviews so we can reduce the number of people coming onto our sites. 

Our employees are what make us special, and we understand that it might be strange working alongside a brilliant bunch of people you’ve never met. Although you won’t get chance to tour the contact centre and meet the teams during the process, you can follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to get to know us a little better. We want you to feel like part of the EE family, no matter what.


Joining Us

We work so Sarah can keep an eye on the twins.

We’re keeping the cogs turning, right from our very own homes! After a lot of planning, we were able to accomplish a huge mission, to give around 8,000 of our advisors the option to work remotely.  

When you join us, you’ll need to come into the contact centre for the first few weeks for your initial training. But don’t worry, we’ll do everything we can to make sure you feel safe and comfortable. After that, we’ll give you the option of temporarily working from home, provided you meet certain technology and regulatory criteria.

We piloted some virtual training sessions in lockdown early on, but advisors felt they didn’t bond as well with their team. Our training is extensive and those early friendships you develop in-person with your team are priceless. Working at EE, whether from home or in-person, is a feeling like no other.


Social distancing

We work so Ben can keep his family safe.

It’s important to us to make sure our people feel safe, so we put social distancing measures into place right across our centres. We’ve also been able to give our contact centre advisors the option of working from home, but we understand it’s not for everyone. 

So, to keep people safe in our centres we’ve spaced out desks, introduced one-way systems, increased our cleaning services, and set-up sanitising stations. We’ve been able to offer even more flexible shifts, staggered start times and smaller training classes. We want our people to feel relaxed on the job, knowing that their health is our number 1 priority.



We work so Kevin knows there’s always someone to talk to.

Dealing with the Coronovirus outbreak has been hard for all of us. At EE, we want everyone to feel supported and guided through the tough times. So, we’ve given our advisors and their families access to plenty of resources to support them and live their best possible lives during unprecedented times: from free lunches and parking to mindfulness classes, from professional and peer-to-peer counselling services to financial advice.

Plus, we’re running activities to keep our teams’ spirits high, colleagues happy and to give back to their local communities. 


Sales Advisors

Our sales advisors are a dab hand at dialling in to our customers’ needs. 

Careful listeners and cheerful conversation makers, they make our customers feel special, taking delight in every caller by tailoring them the perfect package. You don’t have to be a tech-wizz or own a Phd in telecommunications; we’ll give you all the training, so that you feel confident when it comes to connecting our callers.

Get that EE feeling.


Customer Advisors

Caring and confident, that’s our customer advisors. 

Even from home, they’re bringing life and excitement back into retail. They love the feeling of knowing they’ve put a smile on a customer’s face; whether they’ve solved a problem or provided an unforgettable experience, they’ve got the magic touch.

Want to get that EE feeling?


Frequently Asked Questions

Feeling curious? It’s natural to have questions when you’re thinking about applying for a new job.  But if you’re successful in landing a role with us, you’ll feel superhuman knowing that you’re one of our nation’s keyworkers, so there’s a few more things that you might want to know. 

Here are some of the most common questions we’ve been asked that’ll help you to understand if working with us might work for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is EE recruiting in the contact centres at this time?

Yes. Our customers are relying on us now more than ever to make them feel connected to the people they can’t be with.  We’ve adapted to our new reality, changing our recruitment process so we can make sure our candidates, recruiters and managers feel safe.

Are the advisor jobs EE are recruiting permanent roles?

Yes, all the advisor roles we are recruiting for our contact centres are permanent.

What is the recruitment process, during the Coronavirus outbreak?

We’ve kept most of our process the same, so you’ll apply online then complete an online quiz, followed by a telephone interview.  If you smash it out the park, we’ll invite you to a telephone assessment with a team leader. You’ll only be asked to come into the contact centre to start your training if you’re successful. 

Are the EE contact centre advisors classed as key workers?

Yes, the government classed our contact centre advisors as key workers as we provide an essential service to our customers. It’s a badge we wear with pride. We’ll provide you with proof of your key worker status to show anybody who needs to see it. Your manager will explain when you join.

How is social distancing being maintained in the contact centres?

We’re continuing to follow government advice enforcing the 2 metre social distancing rules, removed or spaced out desks, and introduced one-way systems where we can. We’ve also increased cleaning services, introduced sanitising stations and we’re encouraging our colleagues to remain vigilant and to protect themselves and others by strictly following personal hygiene measures.

What options are there to reduce risk of contact when travelling into work and in the centres?

Beyond social distancing and additional cleaning in the centres, we’ve created more flexible shifts and staggered start times so people can vary the times they leave the house and feel safe when they enter the centres.  We’ve also been able to offer home-working to people who meet technology and regulatory criteria.  But don’t worry, we’ll give you more details on your first day.

Public transport isn’t as regular at the moment, will there be allowances made for this?

Yes, we understand that this can be difficult at the moment, so we are working closely with our people to make them feel supported. We’ve created more flexible shifts and staggered start times so people are able to continue to use public transport.

Will I be able to work from home?

When you join us, you’ll need to come into the contact centre for the first few weeks for your initial training.  Once you’re feeling confident enough to get stuck in, we might be able to give you the option of working from home temporarily, provided you meet certain technology and regulatory criteria. This criteria will be based on the government guidance around home working and social distancing measures. We’ll use a number of factors to assess whether you can do your role from home – including the type of work you do, the systems you need access to, and your home set up, as well as our own network and equipment capacity.

I’m living with a vulnerable person who is shielding. Can I still continue with my application?

Yes, you can continue through the recruitment process.  However, if you’re successful you’ll need to attend the contact centre to complete your training, so we’ll need to agree a suitable start date with you.

What happens if I am self-isolating when I am due to start?

It’s important to us that our employees and their families feel safe and guarded during these times. It is our main priority and we’re supporting our people in following all government guidelines on social distancing, isolation and shielding.  Your recruiter and manager will provide support and advice on your individual circumstances, so you can feel rest assured that you’re getting the best possible arrangement throughout your onboarding.