A passion for people and the drive for success? You probably already have what it takes to make it at EE. Our Contact Centres are the perfect place to kick-start a future-proof career. As the UK’s best network, we’re using the power of our products to connect our customers to the things that matter most. Now’s your chance to get on board.

Join us and you’ll be part of a digital powerhouse that’s making homes smarter, drones faster and bringing home the Bacon in every way. As well as gaining a fantastic qualification, you’ll develop skills that will really open doors for your future. With opportunities like this, it’s no wonder we’ve been named a Top Employer for School and College Leavers.


Whether you join us in Sales or Customer Service, this apprenticeship has been designed to equip you with all the skills you’ll need to become a skilled advisor and build a successful career. You’ll be one step ahead of the game, work to stretching and demanding targets and deliver fantastic service to our customers. You’ll also gain a Level 2 qualification in Contact Centre Operations while you earn a full apprentice salary.

Whilst the first phase of your Apprenticeship will be very structured, after completing your Level 2 qualification it’s up to you where you take your Contact Centre career. And we have a range of options available to you to if you’re willing to put in the work to keep on climbing.

If you’re thinking of joining our apprenticeship scheme in our Greenock Contact Centre, your initial scheme will be a Level 3 SVQ in Customer Service, so we do things slightly differently. It’s still an award-winning scheme and you’re still offered great career development, just from a slightly different study programme.

Your Journey starts here

Month 1

In your first month, you’ll undertake a comprehensive induction with both EE and your learning provider. This’ll cover Health and Safety, core skills and products, services and systems and you’ll be set up with everything that you’ll need to get started.

“When I was part of the apprentice group, I was nominated for Apprentice of the Year and I got to represent EE which was quite nice. It was great to get that recognition from my manager and people above me that I was doing a good job.”
Joseph Booth, Sales Advisor

Month 2

Time to get started. You’ll take your first calls – which we know can be daunting - but you’ll have support on hand from your Team Leader. You’ll also start at college, after which your assessor will visit you on-site to assist with your learning.

Month 3

You’ll receive ongoing feedback from your support team, which will include your college assessor and team leader. This can be advice on with dealing with challenging conversations, how to be more efficient or how you can add value by promoting additional products or services.

“For someone applying for an EE apprenticeship, I’d tell them that it’s a challenging role, but with all the training and support you get from Team Managers, anyone can do it. It’s not a job where you’d just stay for a couple of years, you can stay here for the rest of your life and you can work your way up in the business – it’s a really good job.”
Jessica Ward, Tech Support

Months 4 - 5

You’ll continue to develop your skills both on-the-job and through your college coursework. By now you’ll have a pretty good idea of the role and the feedback you receive should help you meet targets and develop even further. 

Month 6

It’s the half-way point, so your manager will conduct a review – measuring your performance against your targets and seeing how you’ve developed.

Months 7 - 12

You’ll work alongside your team leader and college assessor to complete your apprenticeship. This will include technical certificate coursework and the gathering of all NVQ evidence. At Month 9, you will also have a conversation with your manager about what’s next, so it’s time to start thinking about where you want to take your career.

Month 12

Graduation! If you’ve successfully completed your Level 2 qualification, you’ll be ready to take the next step in your career – whether that’s a Level 3 qualification or developing yourself to be the very best in your current role.

Continue in Sales or Service

Perhaps you’ve enjoyed your Customer Service or Sales training so much that you want to continue delivering great things for our customers. Working hard to be the very best you can be in your current role.

Level 3 Management Apprenticeship (Team Leader)

Or maybe you want to try your hand at working towards a leadership role. If so, you’ll have the option to enrol in a Level 3 advanced apprenticeship in contact centre operations that will develop your supervisory skills and help you start your journey into team leadership.

Level 3 Bespoke Contact Centre Operations

Or you may wish to take a different route and begin a Level 3 advanced apprenticeship in Contact Centre Operations which will not only help you to grow in your current role, but will also develop your skills in other areas such as planning, training, or scheduling.


If you’re aged 16 or over and no longer in full-time education, you’re eligible to apply for an EE Apprenticeship.

Age might not be a factor, but we should make it clear that the scheme is designed for those with limited work experience and is focused on helping them develop the skills they need to build a successful career.


The most important thing about the process is discovering if you’re right for us and if an EE Apprenticeship is right for you. That’s why we’ve created a recruitment process that helps us discover everything we need to know about each other.

Once you’re ready to apply, the first thing you’ll need to do is complete an application form, this shouldn’t take long and is designed to find out if you could thrive as an EE apprentice.

Once you’re through that, there’s a telephone interview where you’ll be asked some questions about why you want to be EE. The process ends at an in-person assessment centre – there you’ll have the chance to speak to current EE employees and show us why you’d be a brilliant EE apprentice.


We recruit apprentices at different points throughout the year. You can search current opportunities by clicking here and selecting ‘Contact Centres’. Or you can register to receive a job alert when new vacancies open by clicking here and selecting ‘New Talent’ in the ‘Job Category’ field.

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We recruit apprentices at different points throughout the year. You can search current opportunities by clicking the button below and selecting ‘Contact Centres’. Or you can register to receive a job alert when new vacancies open by clicking here and selecting ‘New Talent’ in the ‘Job Category’ field.

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