Campaign Management

EE is constantly changing, so we need to keep our customers up to date. That’s where our Campaign Management team comes in. Masters of multi-tasking, they make sure that every single nugget of information we send to our customers is relevant, engaging and looks the bee’s knees. Whether it is SMSs, Emails, or MMSs, the possibilities are endless.

Culture within Campaign Management

At EE, there’s always a buzz around Campaign Management. As a growing company, our team are never short of things to shout about. Moving from campaign to campaign, they’re always in the know about the next big thing. There’s no queen bee in this hive - everyone chips in to get stuff done.

Teams within Campaign Management

At EE, Campaign Management is broken up into four teams:

Could you be a good fit?

If you’re a cup-half-full kind of person who loves a challenge, Campaign Management could be perfect for you. As part of a team that’s always on the move and with loads of exciting projects to work on, at EE, you can make your role your own.

Typical roles

Senior Marketing Campaign Manager

From sepia to glorious technicolor; at EE, our Senior Marketing Campaign Managers create campaigns that our customers just can’t ignore. Always with the bigger, brighter picture in mind, this role is about offering the insight and inspiration to push the capabilities of CRM campaigns that little bit further.

Decisioning Executive

When it comes to the crunch; at EE, we look to our Decisioning Executives to guide the way. Future focussed with their fingers on the pulse, they use their knowledge of customer behaviours and industry insight to inform campaigns and change the course of a dynamic, forward-thinking company.

Decisioning Developer

A successful campaign is all about getting the tools, timing and target audience just right. At EE, our Decisioning Developers know their stuff. Providing us with technical expertise and gathering decision-making data, they drive our digital performance above and beyond.

Campaign Manager

Some people adopt dogs, others adopt cats; at EE, our Campaign Managers adopt new products and services that keep our customers feeling the love. In this role you’ll keep customer insight at the heart of everything we do, to drive our brand forward as the best network for service in the UK.


Watch some of our teams’ stories to find out more about life in Campaign Management at EE.

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