Development & Operations

Our DevOps squads keep things at EE tip-top. Whether they’re launching products or running new online campaigns, they huddle together to deliver personalised experiences on every device. We think they’re pretty special. Together they make sure our site (the 5th largest E-Commerce site in the UK) stays bug free and beautiful, so that our customers can browse to their hearts’ content.

Culture within Development & Operations

EE is transforming and so are we. Split into squads, our DevOps team own their projects from start to finish. We have regular huddles where we talk through our latest likes, dislikes and learning curves, and tech stand-ups where we get to shout-out someone who’s stood out. Keeping things fun and giving you the recognition you deserve is important to us. That’s what it means to work at EE.

Traits within Development & Operations

At EE, you have the flexibility to build on your role and make your mark. In DevOps, we look for people who can spot simple solutions and have the technical skills to deliver them. People who are keen to learn and get excited about using the latest tech would be a perfect fit here.

Big Projects within Development & Operations

Big product launches are one of DevOps main team responsibilities, and each new iPhone release is no exception. Our team make sure they’re ready to go with launch components in both the EE and Apple brand. So, straight after the keynote speeches finish, EE can be the first to get things on-site for our customers.

Typical Roles

Senior Java developer

Our Senior Java developers are master builders. Mixing hands-on expertise with eagle-eyed oversight, they turn wireframes and outlines into mind-blowing web pages. From pencil to product, they’re there: making suggestions, stirring up plans and brewing rounds of coffee that will let you see through time. Wherever you find EE online, it’s their technical wizardry that’s brought us there.

Programme Test Manager

Testing, testing, testing: it’s how we know our creations are safe, sound and running smoothly. Our Programme Test Managers are centre stage, making sure every product we put out, puts in a stellar performance.  That includes developing master plans, strategies and processes that push the limits of our systems – and keep them at the cutting edge.

Front-end developer

We’re not just a pretty face. But our front-end developers make sure we look stunning all the same. They know how to transform eye-catching designs into easy-to-use interfaces, with code so elegant it could make you swoon. Smooth operators skilled in multiple languages – JavaScript, CSS, HTML, JQuery and more – they’re a dream partner if you want a website to fall in love with.

Agile Dev Ops Transformation Lead

We’re moving from project- to product-based delivery, and our Transformation Leads are ringing the changes. Evangelists for Agile working, they’re rethinking the practices, processes and tools we use to keep our software world-class. They’re also strategic brainboxes, masterminding plans that will make us a stronger, faster and more flexible digital team.

Principal AEM developer

AEM developers need a wide skillset – and they put it to very good use. Together, they create the applications and components that make our network, work. That could involve anything from front-end development to Java. As in our other fields, our Principals lead the team forward, working on key projects as well as setting a broader vision for the future.

Software Engineer

Software Engineering: where to begin? Our Software Engineers make everything online… Well, that’s just it. When it comes to our web presence, our Software Engineers make it, taking our plans and turning them into reality. From AEM to Java, apps to user interfaces, they work across our digital landscape, building, fixing, and developing. Without them, this very page would not exist.

Our Stories

Watch some of our teams’ stories to find out more about life in Development & Operations at EE.

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