At EE, we don’t just have run-of-the-mill Digital Architects and Solution Designers. Oh no, we’ve combined the two into a multi-talented hybrid. Working closely with the planning team and product owners, these magical creatures blend business objectives with their knowledge of market trends, and have a ‘build once, build better’ approach to meeting our customer needs. It sounds like a fantasy - we know, but trust us, it’s real.

Culture within Digital Architecture & Solution Design

Being such an open and collaborative space, the Digital office is always alive with conversation. And, with more relaxed meeting areas instead of meeting rooms, we’re making it easier for people to simply chat, create and collaborate. At EE, team efforts and new technologies make every day inspiring, exciting and productive, so our team can keep making magic.

“The work here is really fresh. What we're trying to do in the market is differentiate ourselves, and the work we're doing is really pushing our digital services to the next level. We’re already number one in the telcos, but we're moving fast to push further and really drive towards releasing more innovative customer focused journeys.”


Evolution of Digital Architecture & Solution Design

EE is now a centre of excellence for Digital Architecture & Solution Design. We are leading the way in the industry by building better service products for our customers. As our team continues to grow across our Leeds and London offices, we use the latest collaboration software (like Allasian and Hipchat) to stay in touch and make sure that everything we build is enchanting.

Traits of a Digital Architect & Solution Designer

Digital Architecture & Solution Design is a place where you can bring that personality of yours to work. So think big, try new things, make mistakes and then learn from them; at EE, we celebrate what makes you, you. With so much opportunity to grow and develop here, the sky’s the limit. 

Typical roles

Digital Architecture

If our website’s our online home, our Architects create the blueprints. Applying high-level technical design across our digital properties, they keep our customer experience consistent. That means mastering integration, increasing speed-to-market, and driving site performance. To put it simply, they ensure that, whenever people visit us, they can’t wait to come back.

Solution Designer

Whenever we’re in a fix, our Solution Designers know what to do. But they’re not just fire fighters – they’re always on-hand to risk assess projects, spot potential issues and solve them before they even arise. They don’t just see problems: they design the end-to-end technical solutions we need to address them.  If you find yourself in a jam, they’ll make sure you don’t become toast.

Principal Solution Designer

Our Principal Solution designers are visionary problem solvers: imagine Mr Wolf from Pulp Fiction, crossed with the Oracle from the Matrix. They don’t just look at the digital landscape; they picture it years into the future, and plan for whatever challenges may lie ahead. Scoping, designing and seeing through solutions, they’re helping us maintain our status as the UK’s No. 1 network.

Digital Security Architect

In a changing digital world, staying secure is no easy feat. Fortunately, we have a crack team of safety specialists who make sure that – when it comes to protecting customers – we’re a fortress. Our Security Architects build up our digital defences, then think like the enemy to test them rigorously, through risk assessments, vulnerability analysis and policy compliance.

"EE look at you as a person and don’t judge you based on your experience. If you’ve got a little something that makes you special, they’ll invest in you."


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Since becoming part of the BT family, we’ve focused on creating an energising culture that makes EE an even better place to build a career. Empowered, challenged, supported and rewarded, our people are the key to our success. And the Sunday Times agrees, voting EE as The Best Big Company to Work For.

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