Our UX team know what’s up. They combine their love for technology with their understanding of how our customers behave, and go above and beyond to make sure that every user who lands on our site has a personal and seamless digital experience. All the while they’ve got their ears to the ground, listening out for the latest technological trends to improve our digital offering – it’s a wonder they get any work done at all! It’s this passion for what they do that makes these guys drivers of digital at EE, and keep us at the #1 network in the UK.

Culture within the UX team

Our UX team are never short of projects to get stuck into. And, despite working on multiple briefs at a time, they’re always finding new and exciting ways to evolve EE’s user experience. As an area that is always evolving, there’s oodles of opportunity to grow and progress, both within the team and wider business.

Daily life within the UX team

You wont find any clock-watchers in this brilliant bunch. Oh no. Our UX team are always bouncing new ideas around the room and getting hands on with sketching sessions for new briefs. There’s almost not enough time in the day for these lot to transform all of their excellent insight into innovation. When these guys leave the office each evening, they know that the work they’ve done will impact over 10 million EE users.

Could you be a good fit?

If you’re passionate about what you do and are keen to push new projects through, UX at EE could perfect for you. In an area that sometimes needs some explaining, you’ll be confident pitching new project ideas in a way that can take both your peers and more senior stakeholders on a journey of understanding.

Typical Roles

Senior UX Manager

Say ‘sales, service, strategy and customer satisfaction’ three times over without slipping up. At EE, not only can our Senior UX Managers say it - they can provide it too. With their ears to the ground and their eyes on the prize, these guys use their knowledge of brand and industry trends to create captivating and consistent digital content.

Senior UX Design Manager

Always two steps ahead; at EE, our Senior UX Design Managers create compelling user journeys that bring our digital platforms to life. Experts in their field, these guys impart their wisdom to teams across the company, and implement a more interactive experience for our valued EE customers.

UX Designer

At EE, our UX Designers dig data. From analytics to user testing, this clever bunch work with our Visual Design and Creative Copy teams to wow our customers. They find the perfect balance between functionality, design and content to create simple and effective user journeys across our web, mobile and social channels. 

Visual Designer

Art is in the eye of the beholder. Not here at EE. Our Visual Designers turn everything they touch into a masterpiece we can all marvel at. Creative and digitally savvy, they’re the people who transform our important user requirements into compelling interactive design that our customers will adore.

Our Stories

Watch some of our teams’ stories to find out more about life in the UX team at EE.

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