I Have Applied


Why have I been rejected at application stage?

We carefully review all applications against our criteria for the role and take time to look over any questions that you answer during the application process. If you don't make it past this stage it's because we've decided your application hasn't met the criteria we're after for this particular role, or we've had applications from more suitable candidates.

Unfortunately, due to the number of applications we receive for each role, we can't give feedback on an individual basis.

You should also note that, if you've been passed over for a role, you won't be able to apply for the same position for another six months. Don't worry though; there are still plenty of great jobs on offer that you can apply for.

I've applied in error what do I do?

Don't worry, this one's easy to fix. Log in to our application system at apply.ee.co.uk/login, click on my applications, select the job you want to withdraw from and you'll see an option to do so. It's as simple as that.

I've applied to the wrong role. How do I fix it?

Log in to our application system at apply.ee.co.uk/login, click on my applications, select the job you want to withdraw from and you'll see an option to do so. Once you've withdrawn your application, you'll need to apply again to the correct role.

I've uploaded the wrong CV. How can I update my details?

Log yourself in to our application system at apply.ee.co.uk/login, click on my applications, select the job you want to resubmit your CV for and you'll see an option to do so. Ta-daa!

What is the status of my application?

We'll let you know when your application hits the next stage of the process through email. If you haven't received any emails from us, please check your spam and junk mail folders.

In the meantime, you can log in to your account at apply.ee.co.uk/login to change any of the details of your application.

You should note that if your application has been unsuccessful, we won't keep you waiting any longer than we have to. So if we haven't been in touch, you're still in the process.

How do I withdraw my application?

You can do this by logging in to our application system at apply.ee.co.uk/login, clicking on my applications and selecting the job you want to withdraw. At this point you'll see an option to withdraw your application. If you're at or past the interview stage of the process, then please contact your recruiter to let them know.

What is the most effective way for me to follow up after the interview?

Before you leave, ask your interviewer what the next stage is and when you can expect a response. If you haven't heard within the stated time frame, you're welcome to contact the recruiter that arranged the interview. Rest assured, we'll do our very best to inform you of the decision as soon as possible.

Can I get feedback on my rejected application?

If your application has been unsuccessful it's because we reviewed your details and answers to the application questions against the criteria for the role and, on this occasion, we didn't think we were the perfect fit for each other. And while we can't give feedback on every unsuccessful application, we'll be more than happy to get in touch if you attended an interview. Let us know by contacting the recruiter that arranged the interview.

I've previously applied for EE, how long do you keep my application on record for?

We know how important digital privacy is and we want you to trust us with your information. That's why, although we'll keep your records for up to 18 months, only our recruitment team and recruiting manager will ever have access to them. And that's a promise.

When will I find out the outcome of my interview?

This varies, depending on the role. Your recruiter or interviewer should let you know when to expect feedback. If you're unsure please check in with your recruiter.

I have missed the deadline for completing the online test, can I have it reset please?

Maybe. We have to move our roles along at a certain pace because we have interview slots pre-booked in our stores and contact centre. We may also have enough candidates. Contact us using this form and we'll look into this for you.

Can you confirm that you have received my completed test?

If you've got to the final page that thanks you for your time, you've completed the test. We'll let you know if you have scored well to progress to the next stage via email. In fact, we'll be in touch to let you know how you did even if you didn't pass.

I missed a call today from EE, can somebody call back?

We should have left a number for you to call us back on. If we didn't, please contact us using this form and we'll get back to you.

I was supposed to have had a telephone interview but no one has called me?

We must have missed you. Take a moment to contact us using this form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

I have/will miss my interview, can I rearrange?

You'll need to contact your recruiter, and we'll look into this for you.

Can you update me on my application?

We work through all applications as quickly as possible. So we'll try to respond to all initial applications within 10 working days. It all depends on the role. Any time we do update you at the start of the process, it will be through email so keep checking your inbox, spam and junk mail. We'll let you know our decision as soon as possible.


What is the closing date for the vacancies?

Usually, our closing dates are advertised alongside the job posting. You can find them just above the map. As a general rule though, we keep vacancies open for a two-week period. Depending on the response for the roles, we might extend the closing date, or even close a vacancy sooner than we expected. It all depends on who applies. So don't delay.

What should I expect at an interview or assessment?

Our assessment and interview processes vary depending on the role you apply for. The process is just as much about you finding out about us, as it is us finding out about your suitability for the role. We'll let you know what to expect when you make it through to that stage of the process.

If you have an interview or assessment booked in, you should have the contact details of a recruiter you can contact for more information.

How long will your recruitment process take?

We try to complete all our recruitment process within four weeks of the closing date, but this all down to the individual role. Throughout the whole process, we'll get in touch through email.

How can I find the postcode for my interview location?

If you log onto your application, your interview will be flagged. Here you can find full address details, including a map, for your interview.

I've failed an online test - how did you decide if I passed or failed?

We use recognised tests that are proven to be accurate and objective predictors of performance in the roles we're recruiting for. We can't always provide full feedback on the results, but rest assured we used a robust process.