Meet Adam

He’s EE. 

You must need to be really tech-savvy to work in a Tech Customer Support role right? Wrong.

At EE, we welcome people from all backgrounds. Adam worked full-time as a lifeguard until a friend referred him for the role. Even though he didn’t have any technical experience, he was enthusiastic about learning how the job works, which really came across in his interview. The role is mainly about problem solving and being the human translator between the technology and the customer. Since joining, he’s never looked back.

Don’t you have to deal with some really complex technical questions?

Most of the calls that we receive here at EE are easy to solve. They cover anything from what it means if certain lights aren’t flashing on the broadband box, to questions about the My EE page. We use a system that guides us through each call one step at a time, so the information is always right in front of me when I need it. That means I can do what I do best: build a level of trust with each of my customers.

“There’s not a huge focus on targets when you first start – just support.”


Do you get much training or support?

EE is all about giving you what you need to succeed. You get a lot of training at the start where you learn all about the systems, and you can also do call shadowing to see how more experienced Customer Service Reps do it. Whenever I’m on shift there are always Lead Customer Support Reps and Team Leaders walking the floor, so if I ever get stuck I just stick my hand up and help is with me in a second. We also have a team catch up three times a week, and monthly reviews where we get to talk about our progression within the company. 

So there’s probably not much room for progression in this role then?

There are so many progression routes at EE. You can progress in the tech role to a Lead Tech Customer Support Rep like me, and then on to Team Leader. Or, you can move in a different direction, into roles in Scheduling or Call Volume Management. The possibilities are endless.

What would you say to someone who’s considering joining the Tech Customer Support team at EE?

Don’t let the word tech scare you off. This team is a great place to work and offers you all the support you need to do well here. As long as you have the drive to solve customer problems, you can literally learn everything else!


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