Think you know sales? Think again.

Meet Naomi

She’s EE. 

To work in sales you have to be brash and arrogant, right? Wrong.

Here at EE, sales is an integral part of our business and we’re always looking for adaptable, target-driven people to help us deliver the best service. Before EE, Naomi worked at an equity insurance business. She joined EE as a Retentions Advisor and quickly progressed to the position of Retentions Team Leader, helping us to train apprentices on our first ever on-site apprenticeship scheme. Now, she’s a brilliant team leader to all of our Sales Advisors at Merthyr Tydfil.  We asked Naomi to give us the lowdown on what our sales roles are really like – and her comments might surprise you.

You have to be a really competitive person to work in sales, right?

At EE, it’s not about cold calling or reaching impossible targets: it’s about working together to make our customers happy. The type of people who do well here are patient, friendly and don’t mind a polite ‘no thanks’. They’re people who love working in a dynamic, fast-paced environment, where it’s less about competitiveness and more about resilience.

"EE look at you as a person and don’t judge you based on your experience. If you’ve got a little something that makes you special, they’ll invest in you."


You probably don’t get much support?

One of the reasons I joined EE is because of their attitude towards experience. It doesn’t matter if you have no previous sales experience and that you’re not a technical guru because you’ll get all the support you need to learn on the job. If you’ve got the right personality and bags of enthusiasm, EE will help you do the rest.

There probably aren’t many development opportunities available?

One of the greatest things about working at EE is their commitment to support and development. My manager always takes time to listen to my career aspirations and has been there to encourage me whenever I’m pushing for new opportunities. As a Team Leader, I’m working really hard to make sure I do the same for the members of my team.

"EE is a service culture. It’s not about hard sales or volume sales, it’s about connecting our customers to the product they want."


What would you say to someone who’s considering joining the EE sales team?

Go for it! You don’t have to be from a sales background to succeed here. Our role is much more about service than sales, so, if you’re good with people you’ll go far. All you need is the confidence to apply and the desire to learn!


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