Meet Sam

She’s EE. 

You must need to be really tech-savvy to work in a Tech Customer Support role right? Wrong.

Here at EE everyone is supported, especially our Customer Support teams! Sam was a travel agent for over 10 years before she decided she fancied a change. She didn’t have a tech background but had in-depth training before she started, plus trusty old Albert (our automated tech wizard), to help her at every step. She also started at the same time as a bunch of colleagues who formed a brilliant support network and continue to help each other out every day!

Don’t you have to deal with some really complex technical questions?

A lot of the time I’ll be resolving pretty standard issues, following the questions from Albert on the screen in front of me. Problems like connecting to broadband or slow internet I might need to work with the customer to probe a little deeper. But really, it’s all about speaking to customers and understanding the situation, rather than every single detail of the technology. 

“It’s really all about speaking to customers and understanding the situation.”


Do you get much training or support?

EE are really big on making sure we know everything we need to. I had a thorough training programme when I joined which gets you up to speed on everything. Then we have regular team meetings and managers run mini training sessions so we can keep up-to-date. On top of that, every single person gets an hour a month coaching. There’s an EE career for everyone, the support is 110%.

So there’s probably not much room for progression in this role then?

Well I was here for seven months and I got promoted to Lead Customer Support Rep! When I joined I wasn’t really looking to progress but there are so many opportunities and so much variety. The best part is, no one tries to pigeonhole you. You can talk to your manager about what you’re enjoying and what you want to do and actually be honest with them.

What would you say to someone who’s considering joining the Tech Customer Support team at EE?

Do it! The knowledge isn’t everything, it’s all about the banter. If you’re chatty and like helping people then you can do it. You’ll learn everything else once you’re here. It’s the best decision I ever made.


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