Meet Stu

He’s EE. 

You must need to be really tech-savvy to work in a Tech Customer Support role right? Wrong.

Here at EE, our Customer Support roles aren’t as high-tech as you may think. In fact, we provide all the training you need to succeed here - no previous technical experience is required. Before EE, Stu graduated from university with an Anatomy degree. He joined EE in a Customer Service role, and after eighteen months moved into his current position. He was nervous about the tech side of things at first, but realised it’s not so different. Everything you need to know is on the system right in front of you, showing you exactly what’s gone wrong with the customer’s device; all you have to do is explain it in a way that helps the penny drop. Now he absolutely loves it – and has even been promoted to Team Leader!

Don’t you have to deal with some really complex technical questions?

The majority of questions I receive at EE are so simple that they’re usually resolved with just one call. I deal with things like customers who are facing signal problems, faulty SIM cards, and faulty phones or data issues. The system guides you through each call and helps you handle it there and then. And, if you do get stuck, there’s always someone on the floor to help. Simply ask for some support and they’ll be with you immediately - you’re never alone.

“At EE, we focus on learning from customer behaviours, not just stats and targets.”


Do you get much training or support?

At EE the learning never stops. I started with some intensive training to bring me up to speed on all of the basics, and then we have briefings three times a week about system updates, new products and EE’s latest offerings, so we’re always in the know.

So there’s probably not much room for progression in this role then?

There’s tons of opportunity for personal training and development - it’s a big reason why I joined. With coaching and review sessions each month, I always feel like my managers are on top of my progression and that I’m getting the chance to reflect on my areas for improvement.

In eighteen months I’ve changed roles and I’ve now become a Team Leader. Taking the next step doesn’t have to mean moving into a management role either, if that’s not really your thing. Because of the scale of the company, how you progress is really up to you.

What would you say to someone who’s considering joining the Tech Customer Support team at EE?

Do it! The role is so much more about being customer service orientated and bringing things to life for the customer, rather than the technical side. The team is really tight-knit – we’re just like a family. Talking, tackling challenges and always sharing knowledge is key to our success. If you love helping people this is the place for you.


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